Books and Mini-Comics

Chapter 1: The Ghost Man

Contains Chapter 1 and the prologue in their entirety, with minor retouch work and character bio for Cor Alexandria.

40 pages, black and white/color


Chapter 2: Deal with the Dead

Contains Chapter 2 in its entirety, with extensive retouch work and character bio for Remeria Traumfalke.

28 pages, black and white


Chapter 3: A Shadow so Dark

Contains Chapter 3 in its entirety, with minor retouch work and colorized pages, character bio for Tsuki, and an original 4-panel gag strip.

32 pages, black and white/color


2007 Fallcon Special Mini-Comic (Cor and Kikuko)

Contains two original two-page short stories (alluding to future events in the main comic) and sketches.

8 pages, black and white, limited run


Medium Details Base Cost
Pencil 8.5 x 11 sketch paper with pencil sketch $10
Ink 9 x 12 bristol board with clean ink drawing $15
Marker 9 x 12 bristol board with fully inked and markered drawing $20
Additional characters/elements: For each additional character or complex background or prop elements, add $5 per drawing; base cost assumes 2 characters (or one character and a complex element) per drawing.
Deviations: For each deviation (spot color for pencil or ink, simple collage elements in any style) add $5 per drawing; for moderate collage elements, add $10; for complex collage elements, add $15. When ordering collage elements, specify general color range and pattern desired if you have any preferences. Specific color and pattern vary by availability of paper.


Great as cell-phone straps, they also work well as mini-keychains, small clip-on charms, or even charm bracelets or necklaces! Click the sample image to see all currently available characters; specify which character or characters you want when ordering.

Charms are approximately 1" high and come with an attached ring.

$2 each charm

$1 additional per bracelet

$2 additional per necklace
One cell lanyard (black or colored), clip, key ring (small or large), or loop key ring is included with each charm purchased. Colors are random assortment.

Shipping information: For one book, drawing, or charm shipping is $2
For each additional book, add $1
Additional drawings and charms are free

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